The Law Firm

Daniel Urbano Lawyers prides itself on excelling at serving its clients, thanks to a well planned out structure and a constant search for better results. Thus, the firm places tremendous value on constantly improving its organizational structure and its knowledge and, naturally, dedication to the Law. To that effect, it takes innovative steps to identify solutions to the cases with which it has been entrusted, anticipating risks and envisioning opportunities which allows for an efficient and personalized service. As a result, it can be said that the strength of the Lockup firm lies on its shared values and ethical principles.

With highly qualified and committed administrative and legal staff, Daniel Urbano Lawyers provides consulting and litigious legal services in Civil Law, Consumer Law, Family Law and Successions, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Compliance and Business Law, Banking Law and Debt Collection, Domestic and Foreign Mediation and Arbitration, Real Property Law and Construction Law, Labor/Employment Law and Social Security Law, Administrative Law, Municipal Law, and Electoral Law.

Its modern organizational and systemic structure, which relies on one of the best and most well-equipped information technology systems in the market, praised by renowned specialists, ensures indispensable security and dynamism to its clients’ cases. Located in Belo Horizonte, MG, the firm relies on a wide-reaching network of associated law firms and collaborators, allowing us to be effectively present anywhere in the country.