• Advice to concessionaires and public utilities;
• Advice on procurement;
• Representation of clients in administrative and judicial proceedings regarding government procurement, governmental contracts, public examinations, expropriations, non-compliances and administrative sanctions;
• Advocacy before the processes in state and federal Courts of Accounts, as well as before state and federal Prosecution Offices;
• Review of bidding notices, governmental contracts and applicable laws;
• Representation of municipalities in administrative and judicial proceedings at all levels;
• Legal advice on bidding and concession procedures;
• Legal advice on governmental contract drafting;
• Preparation of legal opinions on matters relevant to local governments;
• Advice to political parties;
• Administrative and legal defense with respect to electoral matters.


• Advice and advocacy on litigation-prevention strategies and follow-up of individual and/or collective employment claims;
• Advocacy of employment claims, including collective grievances;
• Advocacy of administrative proceedings before Regional Labor Authorities, the Ministry of Labor and any other competent labor bodies.


• Legal advice on real-estate business structuring.
• Legal advice on real-estate acquisition;
• Advice to clients on negotiating, drafting, reviewing and revising real-estate contracts in general and on home equity loans (mortgages, fiduciary sales, among others);
• Structuring of joint ventures and special-purpose entities.


• Legal advice on mediation and arbitration settlements;
• Drafting of arbitration clause;
• Enforcement of arbitration;
• Preparation of arbitration proceedings;
• Representation throughout the arbitration proceeding.


• Advice on negotiating, drafting and analyzing commercial agreements;
• Supervision of lawsuits regarding all sorts of legal businesses, including commercial agreements, promissory notes, drafts, checks, invoices and other negotiable instruments;
• Advocacy in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings;
• Advice on judicial and extrajudicial remedies regarding industrial/commercial property, trademarks and patents.


• Planning of succession processes in order to avoid family disputes, organize family assets efficiently and minimize taxation;
• Advice on drafting last wills and testaments;
• Advice and representation of clients in judicial and extrajudicial probate proceedings;
• Advice and representation of clients in contested/uncontested divorce, recognition and dissolution of stable union, recognition of parentage, support payment, child custody and interdiction;
• Advice to clients on negotiating, preparation, reviewing and revising of prenups and coexistence agreements.


• Structuring of businesses, companies and general partnerships; drafting of articles of organization, bylaws, shareholders/members’ agreements and minutes of meetings;
• Structuring of business partnerships by means of special-purpose entities, joint ventures, consortia, among others;
• Advice to clients on purchasing and selling companies’ assets and ownership interests;
• Representation of clients in members’ meetings and shareholders’ meetings;
• Advice to clients on corporate issues;
• Restructuring of corporate groups, merger, consolidation, spin-off, liquidation and conversion of companies;
• Due diligence;
• Supervision of judicial or extrajudicial dissolution processes.


• Advice on negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts entered into by financial institutions, including revolving and non-revolving credit, loans, fiduciary sales, leasing, consortiums, among others;
• Supervision of lawsuits regarding businesses done with all sorts of financial institutions and lawsuits involving promissory notes, drafts, checks, invoices and other negotiable instruments;
• Consulting, planning and other procedures regarding the management of banking liabilities;
• Advocacy before the Brazilian Central Bank regarding extrajudicial liquidation of financial institutions and defense of administrators and controllers;
• Proprietary collection structure;
• Data gathering system: data receipt, triage and storage;
• Credit analysis: interpretation of credit and business rules and parameters, consultation with credit protection agencies and use of risk minimization tools, according to the client’s script;
• Additional credit analysis: comparison of approved credit transactions with credit parameters and rules stipulated by customers and conducting registration investigative processes, aiming to measure performance of compliance with concession rules and standards;
• Double-shift call center to make it easier to find and contact defaulting clients (Best time to call);
• Experience with default diagnosis, renegotiations and flexible collecting methods, according to the client’s situation;
• Appropriate technological support, including exclusive high-speed internet server, digital telephone and mobile phone interface;
• Special collection software, which, among other resources, allows the performance analysis of each agent. In addition, it allows calls to be made and scheduled by the system, which optimizes collection and allows the agent to work in more cases;
• Easy access to updated domestic registration data;
• No outsourced collectors;
• People and asset locator.


• Advice to clients on negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts under the Consumer Code;
• Representation of clients before consumer defense authorities;
• Representation of clients in lawsuits under the Consumer Defense Code before Small-claims Courts and Courts of General Jurisdiction.


• Advice to clients on negotiating, drafting, reviewing and revising contracts required for carrying on legal business activities of any sort, such as purchases and sales, lease, loans, services, representations, supply of goods, partnerships, distribution, franchising, among others;
• Litigation services, including managing lawsuits and procedures of clients’ interests to resolve disputes related to non-compliance of contracts, civil liabilities and ownership interests in property.

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