• Advice on negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts entered into by financial institutions, including revolving and non-revolving credit, loans, fiduciary sales, leasing, consortiums, among others;
• Supervision of lawsuits regarding businesses done with all sorts of financial institutions and lawsuits involving promissory notes, drafts, checks, invoices and other negotiable instruments;
• Consulting, planning and other procedures regarding the management of banking liabilities;
• Advocacy before the Brazilian Central Bank regarding extrajudicial liquidation of financial institutions and defense of administrators and controllers;
• Proprietary collection structure;
• Data gathering system: data receipt, triage and storage;
• Credit analysis: interpretation of credit and business rules and parameters, consultation with credit protection agencies and use of risk minimization tools, according to the client’s script;
• Additional credit analysis: comparison of approved credit transactions with credit parameters and rules stipulated by customers and conducting registration investigative processes, aiming to measure performance of compliance with concession rules and standards;
• Double-shift call center to make it easier to find and contact defaulting clients (Best time to call);
• Experience with default diagnosis, renegotiations and flexible collecting methods, according to the client’s situation;
• Appropriate technological support, including exclusive high-speed internet server, digital telephone and mobile phone interface;
• Special collection software, which, among other resources, allows the performance analysis of each agent. In addition, it allows calls to be made and scheduled by the system, which optimizes collection and allows the agent to work in more cases;
• Easy access to updated domestic registration data;
• No outsourced collectors;
• People and asset locator.

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